Handblown Glassware

Applying traditional glassblowing methods, our glassware is made by local artisans in Marrakesh who use the eco-friendly and sustainable resource of recycled glass bottles.  The artisans are keeping the threatened craft of glassblowing alive in Morocco in a world market that is overwhelmed by large cookie-cutter glass factories.  With handblown glass you will get one-of-a-kind pieces with organic shapes and perfectly imperfect results.  Our eclectic collection of glassware will bring both beauty and functionality to your home.  The Beldi or "traditional" glasses are commonly used to serve mint tea but can also be used for juice, wine, or even as voltive candle holders.  Our pitchers can be used to serve beverages or as vases to hold a bouquet of flowers.  The glass bowls make the perfect dish for serving desserts or snacks, but also can hold small trinkets or jewelry.