Meet Our Founder

Stacy's first experience in Morocco was as a teenager.  Her father was a diplomat and she attended the Rabat American School.  These years gave her an early appreciation of Morocco as she traveled the country to its beautiful coastal towns, ancient cities, the desert, and the majestic Atlas Mountains.

Many of her memories of Morocco include tagging along with her mother to every souq possible from Tangier to Marrakesh and everywhere in between in search of the most unique artisanal goods.  She learned to appreciate the artistry of handcrafted products as she watched craftsmen and women demonstrate their skills at places such as the leather tanneries and ceramic studios in Fez, the Khemisset Carpet Market outside of Rabat, and in the wood carving market in Essaouira.  

She never could have imagined that a few decades later she would be visiting the same souqs, working closely with talented artisans to develop a line of home décor and lifestyle products for High Atlas Moon.