Causes We Support

The Marrakech Artisans Fund

High Atlas Moon is grateful for a group of Moroccan and American women in Marrakech who organized this much needed fundraiser to support local artisans who have been adversely affected by the COVID 19 pandemic.  Through your purchases at High Atlas Moon we will donate a percentage of the sales to The Marrakech Artisan Fund.   If you would like to make an additional donation you can do so during the check out process by leaving a "tip". 100% of your tip will go to this cause.

The following is an excerpt from the Marrakech Artisan Fund website:

How your donation will be used to help Marrakech Artisans

We have compiled a list of 100 artisans who have been hit badly by the crisis, their crafts include leather, brass, slippers, carpets and more. We selected and vetted those who do not have reserves to live on until the craft sector picks up again. Most have a family to provide for.

Although there has been government assistance, many artisans are struggling to meet their needs in terms of food, medicine and rent. Through this campaign, we would like to give each artisan a minimum one-time cash gift of 100-250 dollars to help them through these tough times. It is our way of thanking them for the noble craft they embody and helping to preserve their continued future." 

Together, we see the need for both short and long-term financial assistance for the the Marrakech Artisans who create the traditional handcrafts that Morocco is famous for. 

What We’ve Achieved

  • Our initial fundraising campaign was able to secure enough funding to give 1000dh to just over 110 artisans that were in need.

  • Along with this funding they also received an immediate food assistance basket from the Amal Center.

  • The goal of this initial support was to meet these very real, immediate needs while additional funding could be secured for further help.

For more information please visit



"With You, We Can Heal"

High Atlas Moon is honored to support Vaincre l'Autisme (which translates to "Defeating Autism") as we pledge to donate a percentage of each sale to their flagship school for children with autism in Rabat, Morocco. 

Vaincre l'Autisme is an organization based in France with operations in Morocco that advocates for the rights of children with autism, campaigns to increase awareness and acknowledgement of autism, and aims to improve autism services and educational care in Morocco. 

The current prevalence of autism in Morocco is 1 in 100 and 1/3 of the 340,000 people living with autism are children.  Most children with autism in Morocco do not have access to any kind of assistance or educational care.

In partnership with Vaincre L'Autisme - France a group of parents collaborated in 2016 to start a school for children with autism in Rabat called the FuturoSchool. This is the first school of its kind in Morocco that offers the much needed early intervention therapy of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).  

 The dedicated team of educators at FuturoSchool - Rabat. 

FuturoSchool - Rabat currently has two ABA therapists and three who are receiving training provided via distance learning and in person through quarterly visits by ABA specialists from France. 

The educators, administrative staff, and trainers are fully funded by the families of the three children who attend the school.   Their success and their ability to expand and become a model school for children with autism in Morocco is dependent on donations from benefactors large and small. 


Amine working on his fine motor skills.

Shirine learning life skills at the supermarket.  

Among the many priorities at the FuturoSchool - Rabat the immediate goal is to obtain the funding to hire a full-time lead ABA therapist to work with the educators and to guide the process of each student's individualized education and therapy plan.

Another goal is to finish the actual physical structure of the school.  The FuturoSchool has five complete classrooms however two are temporarily being used for administrative offices and teacher training rooms.  As the student population grows to its full capacity of twelve students, the administrative and training center will be housed in an adjacent building that is currently in need of major construction. 


Future training center and administrative offices. 

The future garden space.


 Bathroom construction project underway.


For further information about Vaincre L'Autisme and the FuturoSchool please visit their website, Facebook at Vaincre L'Autisme Maroc, and on Instagram @vaincrelautismemaroc 

Please contact us if you would like to make a direct donation to the FuturoSchool.  We ensure that 100% of your donation will be hand delivered and go directly to the school.